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On an uncommonly hot, still day in May, Amalia Gómez, a Mexican- American woman, awakens in her bungalow unit in one of the many decaying neighborhoods that sprout off the shabbiest part of Hollywood Boulevard. Looking out,The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez she sees--or thinks she sees--a large silver cross in the otherwise clear sky. A miraculous sign, such as she had seen in one of her favorite movies, The Song of Bernadette? No, she thinks. "No sign would be sent to a twice-divorced woman with grown, rebellious children and living with a man who wasn't her husband, although God was forgiving, wasn't He?"
   Now Amalia prepares to face this Saturday full of the complications that, she believes, only a miracle could solve. Her teenage daughter, Gloria, much to sensual for such a young girl, has been acting resentful. Her son Juan has been giving hints that he's in trouble. Yesterday she found new, frightening gang graffiti in the neighborhood. And her "husband," Reynaldo, has not returned since he disappeared the night before accusing her of flirting with a young man, an encounter that turned ugly. Worst, she is haunted by thoughts of her firstborn, Manny, dead in jail under mysterious circumstances.
   As she moves into the day, Amalia remembers the turbulent events of her childhood and youth in El Paso, Texas: rape at the age of fifteen and being forced to marry the man who violated her; marriage to Gabriel, the handsome Vietnam veteran who became her second husband and left her after fathering two children; constant interference by Teresa, her strong, forbidding mother.
   Today, all the elements of her life seem to be converging on her. The police are rampaging through the neighborhoods; gang wars encroach. But there are also hopeful signs, however slight: a rose blooms on a dead bush; two questionable clairvoyants assure her that "something big" will occur in her life. On the streets of this "other Hollywood," Amalia has numerous encounters--some comic, some frightening. The day of discovery leads to an ending that is as shattering as it is wondrous.
Known for his exploration of worlds sBuy The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez onlineeldom seen by others, best-selling author John Rechy brings us intimately into the life of a Chicano family in Los Angeles today, and without glancing away from the harshness of their lives, tells their story with humor and poignancy. Blending tough realism with religious and cultural fables, Rechy celebrates the enduring human spirit in what may well be his best novel.




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