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On its debut, John Rechy's City of Night created a sensation and became an international bestseller. In The Coming of the Night, Rechy returns to some of the themes and scenes of his now-classic first novel. A stunning evocation of gay desire in the moment just before AIDS, this book confirms the author's position as America's pre-eminent gay writer.

It is 1981, a summer night, and an unscripted ritual is about to take place. Jesse, the "kid," is celebrating one year on the dazzling gay scene and plans to lose himself completely in its transient pleasures. Clint has fled New York with a sense of unease in the wake of a vicious gay-bashing and a night in the sexual underground. Buzz, Boo, Toro, Fredo, and Linda are cruising the city looking for danger. So is Dave, a "leatherman" devoted S&M and testing limits.

And in the streets a priest is searching for a young hustler named Angel, determined to bring him to Jesus. Also roaming this sensual night are a black "cowboy;" a bodybuilder obsessed with his sexual prowess; a hilarious drag-queen director hired to rehearse her stars for a closeted Hollywood mogul, a man determined to challenge his manipulative lover, a heterosexual man and his girlfriend entangled in sexual recriminations, and a middle-aged romantic hiding in memory and fantasy from a new gay world of youth and beauty.

As Santa Ana winds, known for stirring up desires and violence, breathe fire down the hills of Los Angeles, this cast of characters circle ever closer to the night--and to a confrontation unforgettable as astonishing as it is inevitable.

The Coming of the Night is as much an ode to the golden age of promiscuity as it is an unflinching exploration of the dark side of desire. Tightly constructed, beautifully executed, humorous and compassionate, it proves once again that as a novelist and trenchant chronicler of gay life, John Rechy has no parallel.


The Coming of the Night

"Fresh, beautiful, totally courageous and totally cool, passionate.... His uncompromising honesty as a gay writer has provoked as much fear as admiration...John Rechy doesn't fit into categories. He transcends them. His individual vision is unique, perfect, loving, and strong."   
Carolyn See, presenting the
PEN-USA West's Lifetime
Achievement Award

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