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A Writer Protests

Note: This correspondence with resulted from the New York Times article about the "glitch" in Canada that revealed the names of "reviewers" who were promised anonymity on Amazon's book sites.

TO: Amazon.Com

02/16/04   22:46:31

NAME: John Rechy

COMMENTS: Please refer this immediately to the proper department since it involves questions regarding proposed litigation and demanded adjustments resulting from your so-called "glitch" in Canada. I am the author named in widely circulated media accounts of that "Amazon glitch" that identified supposedly "anonymous" writers in your customer review columns. I wrote an review of my own book under my correct e-mail name, and that confidential impormation,
explicitly guaranteed by you, was revealed on your Canadian website, and in media accounts in this country and abroad, despite your written guarantees otherwise. Subsequently you have not only removed that single review from the site that identifies my new novel, but you have deleted all other favorable reviews, none written by me, and have left only negative reviews. The result is a serious interference with the sale of my novel "The Life and Adventures of
Lyle Clemens" (ISBN 0802117465) and a compromise to my reputation, all resulting from your own actionable mistake. Unless the removed favorable reviews are restored immediately, including the one I wrote under the heading of "A Reader from Chicago"--which I intend to address in that same department under my own name--the injury resulting from such removal of favorable reviews will be added to my
complaint based on your having caused me irreparable humiliation, without allowing me the option to respond. I expect your immediate answer pending further moves to be taken in this breech of an agreement posted on your website guaranteeing anonymity, a guarantee that identities are to be respected, a written guarantee callously violated by you and compounded by your further removal of favorable reviews of my novel, all of which augments the seriousness of this violation.

John Rechy

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