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A Writer Protests


02/19/04 15:29:06

NAME: John Rechy

COMMENTS: This is in response to your e-mail of Feb. 18 responding to mine to you of Feb. 17 concerning a review by me of my novel "The Life and Adventures of Lyle Clemens" and concerning your subsequent reaction involving a "so-called glitch" in Canada. Since, in your reply, no direct link was provided to respond in this important matter, I am again using your form, as follows:

According to your own guidelines, you reject personal assaults from "reviewers" in your "customer review" book section. You have, however, allowed a wave of nastiness to assault my novel "The Life and Adventures of Lyle Clemens." Your guidelines clearly state that a "reviewer" should address the content of a novel; none of those does. Your guidelines claim that you will remove unsuitable reviews, and those are clearly libelous, probably written by the same person.

You removed the now-notorious review that I wrote in answer to the vitriol that you allow in that notorious section. You also removed all other favorable reviews that had already appeared and not by me. You clearly suggest that the authors of those reviews asked for their removal, and that, of course, is nonsense, since some of their authors have contacted me to express outrage about such a maneuver and will be writing you in protest.

As a result of your so-called glitch: and the publicity derived, I am being contacted by several media outlets about the matter, allowing full discussion about your implicit permission to interfere with a writers' work. I am, also, writing articles myself about the matter, including my correspondence with you several years ago about your use of a monstrous review of my novel "The Coming of the Night," a review that popped in immediately after the title of the novel had come up. You did remove the offensive review.

Pending further exploration of the damage involved in this matter, to me and to other writers, I suggest that malicious reviews being allowed to impede respect for my novel , and sales, be removed immediately and praising reviews that clearly adhere to your so- called guidelines be restored.

John Rechy

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