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The Gay Mammies

They rush,
They gush,
They wiggle,
They giggle ‘n jiggle,

Yes, here they come, five gay mammies, "the fab five" of television, eager to contribute their "gay eye" to the master, "the straight guy," yearning to serve him. Yes, here they come.

'n flouncing
'n dancin',
Ready to dress him,
Press him,
Bless him.
They swish,
They dish (each other),
They bumble (gayly)
They fumble (gayly),
They coo,
Even moo (like baby cows)
and they do (everything for the "straight guy"),
They mince.
They evince (joy at the prospect of pleasing).
They flutter,
They butter (him up)
The "straight guy" basks in all this faggoty attention.
He aw-shucks,
He star-bucks,
He aw-man's.
Imagining fans.
The five encourage,
He girds his courage,
Then relents,
Drops his pants,
They faint,
But they ain't (interested in other than dressing him up).
He'll allow,
They bow.
They fawn,
He yawns (in a manly way),
He mutters (in manly regard for all this faggoty attention)
They shudder (in awe of all this wondrous straightness)
Into his room, five gay nannies bounce, prancin' and dancin'.
He swaggers,
He staggers (in a manly way into his apartment, now bursting with fab gayety).
He disdains (subtly, in a manly way).
Oh, he reigns!
Then she enters:
She gasps,
He grasps (her in a manly way)
They kiss,
Express straight bliss.
The mammies watch on television.
They applaud,
They laud,
They gush,
They blush (at the beauty of straight romance),
They kiss (each other in a sisterly way),
Express gay bliss.
They celebrate!
But never even masturbate.
Because sex is for the straight guy; and the fab five fawning gay mannies are in the world only to please him.
Now there they go,
Talking about day glo'
Prancin' and dancin'...

* * *

Next horror?
The dyke eye for the straight chick?
The white eye for the black dude?
The goy eye for the ... Jewish boy?

John Rechy
May 2004
Los Angeles, California

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