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What is a Girly Man?

Ever since Arnold Schwarzenneger made news all over the country when he called dissenting politicians in the State Capitol girly men, there has been much discussion about what constitutes, and who is, a "girly man." Definitions, of course, vary, and there are many variations. But among the possible identities of a "girly man," the following, I believe, clearly emerges:

     What is a girly man?

     A big macho guy who on occasion wears a corset to disguise he's running to fat.

     A big macho guy who colors his hair to gleam bronzy under camera lights.

     A big macho guy who calls male beauty shows physique contests.

     A big macho guy who has his own makeup folks to make sure his makeup doesn't show but it does.

     A big macho guy who calls others girly men in order not to feel, himself, like a girly man.

     A big macho guy who can become obnoxious among women in an attempt to prove he's not a girly man.

     A big guy macho guy who doesn't know he's a girly man.

John Rechy
Los Angeles, California
October 2004

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