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A Writer Protests

January 15, 2004

Mr. David Kipen
Book Reviewer
San Francisco Chronicle
901 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Dear Mr. Kipen:

Since you favorably mention my first novel, "City of Night," in your clownish review of my new novel, "The Life and Adventures of Lyle Clemens," it may interest you to know that when that first novel was published, it received reviews as silly as yours about my new novel. "City of Night" survived those reviews.

Just as there were reviewers who saw the lasting power of "City of Night" when it first appeared, so, too, important review journals have praised my new novel: "Publishers Weekly" awarded it a starred review; and the editors of the best literary review in the country, "The Los Angeles Times Book Review," named it one of the ten best books of the year. "Library Journal" and the Washington Post "Book World," among others, also joined in high praise.

The reviewers who assaulted "City of Night" have long been forgotten--or, if remembered, relegated to derisive footnotes. I am sure, Mr. Kipen, that you and your giddy review, which clearly exposes long-held resentments, will enjoy a similar fate.


John Rechy

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