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A Writer Protests

August 30, 1996

Mr. Charles McGrath
Editor, New York Times Book Review
229 West 43rd Street
New York, New York 10036

Dear Mr. McGrath:

I would like to call your attention to my eleventh novel, Our Lady of Babylon, published in July by Arcade Publishing, its publication coinciding with the release of new uniform editions of my earlier novels from Grove Press. Our Lady of Babylon took five years to write. I believe it's the best work I've produced in my 33 years as an author. (My first novel, City of Night, was published in 1963.)

I would like to point out that I've been strongly admonished not to write this letter. It's been suggested that because I have written to book-review journals in the past (at times inquiring about review-attention, at other times thanking editors or reviewers for thoughtful reviews or protesting a reviewer's clearly not having read the book assigned), I may have invited "a sort of blacklisting" at your newspaper. That, of course, is too far-fetched to believe, and I emphatically dismissed the sinister intimations when they were first suggested. This letter (expressing solely my views) attests to the fact that I disbelieve such dour bruitings even more emphatically now.

Indeed, especially considering the increasing difficulties that serious writing faces these days--even in achieving publication--I can't conceive of there being any objection to a writer's simply calling attention to his work. During the many years that I have reviewed books for, and that my novels have been reviewed in, The Nation, Los Angeles Times, Premiere, New York Magazine, Washington Post Book World, Philadelphia Inquirer, Dallas Morning News, among others, I have detected no evidence of antagonism between book-review editors and authors; nor have I detected any strict demarcation to be adhered to--we all share a respect for the importance of the written word.

In the hope that your very busy schedule may allow you to peruse them, I enclose a "Booklist" review and two interviews that may acquaint you further with my new novel.

I do hope you'll consider my eleventh novel for attention in the "New York Times Book Review."

In any event, I wish you a most successful term as editor.


John Rechy

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