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Mrs. guy Ritchie (a.k.a. Madonna)

The recent Milan concert by Mrs. Guy Ritchie (formerly  known as Madonna) was a predictable hit, and Mrs. Ritchie will certainly duplicate that success in London.  She is, after all, undeniably a fine performer, and her successes are not surprising.  What is surprising is that she has gone back to using her former appellation (Madonna) after having declared herself, proudly, to be, henceforth, "Mrs. Guy Ritchie."  That occurred in a letter she wrote to the Los Angeles Times Calendar during the Eminem brouhaha.  In it, Mrs. Ritchie upheld Mr. 'Em's right to be given a Grammy.  In doing so, she claimed his lyrics were not offensive to gay men and women, especially Lesbians; instead, she claimed that his violent words were satirical and funny.  What she might have done would be to uphold his right to be honored for his music (as many people, including gay people, who oppose censorship do, if he deserved the honor), while declaiming the inflammatory lyrics (as people, including gay people, do who oppose censorship but uphold the right to call bigotry by its name), lyrics which Mr. 'Em, adding giddy silliness to his odd posturing, now claims are the result of Tourrette's syndrome.  To show that she is beyond all sexual-political considerations, Mrs.Guy Ritchie showily signed her letter to the Times as "Mrs. Guy Ritchie."  Her stance would have carried real emphasis if, now and hereafter, she billed her concerts as performances by the said Mrs. Guy Ritchie.  Eventually, then, we might have a CD of "Mrs. Guy Ritchie's Greatest Hits."  Too bad that this talented performer doesn't restrain her words to her singing.

John Rechy
Los Angeles, California
June 2001

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