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Promiscuous Thoughts

December 17, 2005

Surrealism is dead, it has been pushed away by a distorted reality nothing can match.

The ex-Governor of Texas finally acknowledges that he waged war on false information, killing thousands of Americans and Iraqis. But he insists he was right to do so and would do it again. The question is this: So he admits he led the country into war on the basis of lies, but did he know they were lies? Of course he did. Wasn't it for lying about an insignificant sexual interlude that Clinton was impeached? Asked recently about reports that his aides keep him isolated, Bush responded: "I don't feel in a bubble."
Actor Arnold Schwarzenneger exults in the power over life or death of inmates on death row. "Without apology," his speech writers pontificate for him, "there is no redemption." Did this man ever admit to or apologize for his various abuses of women? It is difficult not to consider that his Nazi background influenced this posturing clown's actions.
It would be difficult to grant Tookie Williams the status of martyr, given the violence he is associated with. It was not his exceptional acts while on skid row but the barbarity of the death penalty that demanded clemency, for him and all others scheduled for execution. Life without possibility of parole should replace the death sentence.
Dippy actor Tom Cruise is now expounding on postpartum depression, chastising women who don't subscribe to his nonsensical scientological ranting, which have so empowered him that he plays the clown over middle-age romance, to assert his heterosexuality. He should change his name from Cruise, which allows this play on words: "Does Tom Cruise Gay Bars?"
The eunuchs of the Catholic Church headed by an ex-nazi renew their hypocritical attacks on homosexuals, citing homosexual acts as "against nature." What is most against nature than denying sexual desire? Repressed, it expresses itself in malignant actions, like child molestation, so much a part of the Catholic Church.
The Bush Administration opposes guaranteed strictures against torture of detainees.
However wonderful "Brokeback Mountain" is--and it is wonderful--there is this irony: It took voyeuristic heterosexuals--Larry McMurtry and his female collaborator, and Director Ang Lee, and Annie Proulx--to be able to entice heterosexual actors into homosexual roles and thus create enough intimations of Heterosexual power that the
studios would get behind the film.
October 25, 2005

Today, the number of American military casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan reached 2000. The number of Iraqis killed in Bush's illegal war is, so far, uncountable--tens of thousands is a current conjecture.

On Sunday, October 23, the Defense Department identified military personnel killed in war the preceding week. The ages of the casualties were listed as: 18 years old, 24, 21, 22, 20, 19, 23, 36, 22, 31, 22, 21, 22, 23, 26, 24, 28, 20, 27, 20, 21, 20.

Decades of life have been stolen by the man who wants to be known as the "war president" although he dodged any conflict during the Viet Nam war, his most vigorous activity having occurred as cheer leader for his college football team. To the decades of life stolen by repeatedly lying to the country about the need for his personal war, add decades of grieving by the families of the dead soldiers and dead Iraqis; and you have a portrait of a man who feels nothing for the devastation he has spawned—he lazes comfortably for months at a time in his Texas ranch; a man who should be impeached and tried.


The Unelected President

It is now accepted that the ex-Governor of Texas is unquestionably the legitimately elected president of the United States since apparently winning the 2004 election.

But that is not so. If not for the cheating that threw the 2000 election his way--the intervention of the Supreme Court despite the fact that the popular vote favored Al Gore--George W. Bush would not have been in a position to run a second term as incumbent president. He might not even have been again nominated by his party.

Now forgotten are several of the seemingly unlikely culprits that threw the election to the cheating president. Beyond the fact of the Supreme Court's partisan intervention, there was the callous interference of Ralph Nader, Also forgotten is the complicity of New York Times editors. In an editorial soon after the election, the newspaper urged Al Gore to stop challenging the fraudulent outcome--"for the good of the country." That allowed Republicans to trumpet that even the "liberal New York Times" was proclaiming Bush president.

As the presidency was being stolen, Democrats remained catatonic. They, too, helped create an illegal administration.

George W. Bush remains for all time the president who cheated his way into office.

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