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A Writer Protests

April 29, 1992

Ms. Rebecca Sinkler
Editor, Book Review
The New York Times
229 West 43 Street
New York, New York 10036

Dear Ms. Sinkler,

I really could not have imagined that more than two months after your letter (of February 26) assuring me that a review of my The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gómez was "forthcoming," I would be writing you once again inquiring about that. I wrote you a similar letter of inquiry earlier this last month (April 6) asking whether you might extend your previous courtesies to me in order to let me know the approximate date when that review will appear. You'll remember that at the time you wrote that you were not able to give me a date but would "schedule as soon as possible."

I'm quite embarrassed to continue to answer, "It's coming," when I'm asked by one or another of the many professional associates and friends whom I told that my novel would indeed be reviewed in your pages; and I did so only after I had your assertion that that was the case.

I'm glad to say that my novel continues to receive fine attention: Along with an interview with me dealing in major part with it, there's an excerpt from it in the May/June Poets & Writers Magazine that just appeared. I've also learned that my book is already included in several university courses throughout the country.

I'll admit that often wonder why this novel, which I would think to be my least "controversial"--about Mexican-Americans, and especially one, a woman named Amalia--should have met with so much antipathy from your initial reader, especially in view of the wide and enthusiastic praise it continues to receive elsewhere.

I'm glad, nevertheless, that my book will be reviewed, however belatedly; and I hope you don't consider it unreasonable under the circumstances for me to once again to rely on your past courtesy to me (in your letter and during your telephone call) to inquire whether you are now in a position to let me know when that review will appear. I would appreciate that very much so that I won't continue to expect it each and every week.

My best,

John Rechy

Note: A review did finally appear in the New York Times Book Review, though brief, dismissive, and one that in a few lines, contained a glaring factual mistake, identifying the setting of the novel as East Los Angeles," whereas the first paragraph identifies the setting as Hollywood. John Rechy's response to that review, which was published as a rebuttal in the New York Times Book Review, will be included on these pages in the coming weeks.

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